September 18, 2017

I plan to start recording my next c.d very soon... Once again it will be at Church Street Studios with the incredible Sean (best little producer in Sydney) Carey overseeing the production though this time round we will also be utilising the not inconsiderable talents of Ollie Brown. Ollie will be doing a bunch of stuff I guess from playing to engineering and producing.... suits me - long as I don't have to do much - SWEET! Not sure when this will happen as Sean has been spending a fair bit of time in L.A working on some very exciting projects so we kinda have to find a time that suits us all but hopefully we will be starting sometime in early October. I'll keep you guys posted.

August 26, 2017 - Gasoline Pony, Marrickville

Hi Everyone welcome to my News Page ... really enjoyed my gig at the Gasoline Pony which, if you haven't been, is a very warm and welcoming spot right in the hub of 'the coolest suburb in Sydney' - Marrickville.
It has great decor - which strangely and coincidentally I was colour co-ordinated with - and good food. You can order a beer as easily as a coffee or a plate of dumplings.
It's a street level cafe so people walking past can easily just pop in for a few minutes and take in the music , atmosphere ,food and drink. I played a set of about 40 minutes - all originals of course, which included stuff from my recent release Mood Swings, one or two from the album before it Motherland, and two or three as yet unrecorded newbies. Allen Hill accompanied me on lead guitar and Mike Rae filled out the sound with his gorgeous percussion - all just using the back of a guitar. We all really enjoyed the gig and will most likely play there again in the not too distant future. My next gig will be at Staves October the 12th..... I've played there before and also enjoy this venue. Its quite new from what I can gather and operates as a brewery though you can order some pretty decent pizzas. The live acts are all upstairs and they have a variety of different events including Comedy Nights... My gig will be on a thursday night (so NOT comedy night, hopefully) and once again i'll be playing a set of about 35 - 40 minutes of original material and once again will be accompanied by Allen on guitar and possibly also Mike on percussion... haven't worked out the fine details as yet.